Amy hates the school

Amelia Esparza, Staff Writer

This school has a lot of issues, and I mean that in an infrastructural way. For example, we have the tennis courts that are slanted and have a giant gaping hole underneath. Now the school is currently planning on fixing that problem by making a new court on the field, along with rearranging it. Now I wouldn’t have a problem with this, if we didn’t have larger more pressing matters regarding our school.

First of all, the pool has a giant crack in it and all the water that is in the pool is slowly seeping into the earth underneath our school, making it unstable and can collapse into the weak spot at anytime. This is a big and pretty costly issue that the school needs to take care of, since not only do our sports teams need the pool, it’s also jeopardizing our safety.

Second, our school has an issue of flooding. We all know that when is rains there are some areas where the school puts caution tape or cones so that way we don’t go through certain areas. But it’s pretty ridiculous that we have these flooding issues. We need better drainage at the school, because I have seen a few drains that fill up and don’t drain properly. ┬áThe stairs that lead up the field should have a drain near by it so that way students can go up it safely, and not have to worry about how water can come rushing down at any moment and make them fall down.

Lastly, we also have an issue of class room ceilings coming down whenever it rains too hard. Some classes still have gaping holes in their classrooms because of this issue. We should be working on the ceilings in the classrooms and making sure they are steady, so that way students don’t get hit on the head.

These are all things that the school needs to work on before they worry about our sports team. Most of our sports fields and such are not the best compared to other schools. That’s why we have to play our home games at other schools or practice at other school. I feel like we can hold off on our sports teams needs and focus on the safety of our students.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy sports and I know a lot of kids dedicate a lot of their time and lives to their sports and one of the school’s jobs is to offer them the things they want to do. But one of the main priorities for the school is to ensure our safety. So if they want to build a new tennis court instead of fixing the pool, then I hope the day the school sinks into the earth, is a day when no one is at the school.