New plan for school defense

Casey Rojas, Columnist/Satirist

  Around the nation it seems the fear of attending school from the risk of dangers, such as massacres, is becoming more prevalent. As we students are the next generation of America destined to change the world and pursue capitalistic endeavors, we must be protected from these dangers: vengeful shooters who may cause harm to us. La Serna High School is attempting to make the campus safer by closing off gates and limiting access to the school using only two gates. However, I do not believe that this is enough to protect the school and the students. Therefore, I have designed a foolproof, inexpensive, three-step plan to protect students from all dangers.

   1) The first step in this process would be to build a large firmament over the school, as well as the sports field. By doing this, the threat of weapons being thrown over the gate will drastically decrease. Cameras can also be utilized to watch every waking, wayward movement with unwavering eyes. All of us will surely feel safer with the administration keeping the campus on a tight leash.

   2) In the unlikely event that there is a threat on campus, the dome will not be enough, and defenseless guards may not be sufficient to subdue the threat. It seems as though many people at La Serna would opt that guns be outlawed, so with that in mind a different tool to take down attackers is needed. The next best thing would be to arm all security at La Serna with high pressurized water hoses to take down an active shooter inside the school. We can all agree that using water as a tool of defense until law enforcement can arrive will be foolproof for the safety of our campus.

    3) The final way we can surely protect our school would be to give everyone a mandatory backpack with Kevlar plates inside for maximum protection. In a worst case scenario, the students may use the backpacks as makeshift, protective barriers until help arrives. These backpacks can also be used to block doors and windows in the classroom which successfully transforms the classroom into an impenetrable fortress.

         As one can see, this is a completely foolproof plan for the schools at the small price of about half a billion dollars, but no one can put a price on the safety of pupils.  These simple three steps are a much cheaper alternative than simply changing our social-dynamics to bring others into our social circles, and providing caring relationships of love, support, and sincerity. Having the  ability to step back and ask someone what you can do to help make their day a bit easier, rather than staying quiet or being the cause of their issues through bullying or nonacceptance,  comes at a much higher price than a simple three-step plan.