Lancer cheerleaders take 3rd in national competition


Kathryn Salazar, Contributer


Just by taking a simple look at these group of girls, you could see the discipline and hard work they have. Our cheerleaders at La Serna have put in the time to secure the national championship in Florida and the results definitely showed.

Cheer Coach Elena Klock said,”Our goal is to hit our routine three times, AKA make finals.” And that they did. The La Serna girls found themselves advancing straight to finals and subsequently placing  third overall, out of 42 teams in national competition.

“We were all overwhelmed. We weren’t expecting to go straight to finals straight from prelims and that was a big deal,” Klock said about the genuine reaction of the final results. Everything was paying off for the girls; their daily practices of 2 ½- 3 hours, months on end of perfecting this routine, and the years many of these girls have put in, such as Audrey Tamayo, a junior on the varsity cheer squad, who has been cheering for a total of 14 years.

The hard work put in practices  brought confidence among the group, but after their practice run of their routine in the John Locke Gym on February 7, Klock said she was assured the group was ready for Florida.

Klock said the girls didn’t fail to perform and hit the greater majority of their marks. Although Klock wasn’t able to watch other teams perform for comparison, she explained that she expected her girls to make at least top five after hitting the next to perfect routine, but after hearing the news of third place, the entire group was beaming, exhilarated, and thunderstruck.

These girls truly had the heart and it proved when it really mattered. As this reporter was leaving the gym asking questions for this paper, she  heard Klock say these inspirational words to the soon-to be nationalists: “You guys have to want to make it.” These words could easily have been overlooked as another one of “Mama Klock’s” life lessons, but the group wanted it, made it, and will take these words with them throughout life.