Support for Douglas High School walk out: beneficial or pointless?


Casey Rojas, Columnist

        La Serna High School students participated in the recent national walkout of students  in honor of the 17 lives lost at a school shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. For many, the walkout was also a call for a change in federal and state gun laws. What specific changes would the students be demanding to make? The demands are that U.S. Congress apply universal background checks, enact new regulation that violent offenders be not disallowed to own weapons, and outlaw assault weapons. Fortunately for the protesting students  and perhaps unknown to them, their demands are already met in all states.

        Although the walkout was  a successful demonstration of a peace protest, it had no real goal to be reached that has not already been achieved. Law reform proposed by the walkout has almost entirely been embedded in our federal legislation. The national walkout was simply an act showing thoughts and prayers for the families affected by the massacre. The shooting at the school did not reflect so much a change needed in gun laws, but a change needed on how schools and authorities deal with youth, such as the shooter, who are caught in a web of academic failure, emotional distress, mental illness, stress, loss, anger, and hopelessness. It may have been more productive for protesting students to simply find 17 of their peers and ask, “What can I do to improve your life?” rather than walking outside of class to protest for 17 minutes.