Softball returning champs take on a new season with Coach Perez

Sarah Rodriguez, Sports Writer

Softball season is back in full swing at La Serna and the Lady Lancers could not be more excited to take on a new year of challenges and start creating more memories.

A recent interview with some enthusiastic softball players on the JV team showed just how determined and passionate these girls were about the game. When asked about the team’s chances at winning league, Kathryn Salazar  said “I think we do. Our team looks pretty good right now and we won last year. We don’t give up and are great at making comebacks.” It is sportsmanship like this that makes the team more confident to take other teams like Santa Fe who happens to be our team’s biggest competitor.

A softball team like La Serna’s does not get to be so talented without hard work and discipline. With a coach like Coach Amanda Perez constantly pushing the girls to play to their full potential, many of the players were eager to give positive comments about her. “She definitely knows what she is doing and can be tough on us sometimes, but she does it for a reason and we are a better team because of her,” Alondra Nunez said.

The success of the softball team is not just due to their unyielding persistence; their friendships certainly play a role in their love for the game and their progress as a group. Team bonding takes place every night before games when players host dinners for their teammates.  

Some of the girls would have never had the chance to meet one another if it had not been for softball. When they are not being serious and diligent about improving their skills, a typical practice consists of the girls exchanging many inside jokes and playfully fooling around with one another.

This season looks extremely promising for the La Serna softball players.