A novel that will allow you to explore the teenage mind

A novel that will allow you to explore the teenage mind

Savanna Piette, News and Reviews Editor

The novel Turtles all the Way Down, by John Green, takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Green understands the mind of a teenage girl and sends the feelings to the reader, just by incorporating the ideas running through main character’s head. The emotions expressed throughout the novel draw you into the story and allow you to feel the exact emotions felt by the characters.

The story begins with two high school girls searching for a missing millionaire in order to receive a reward.  The more flamboyant friend, Daisy, is eager to tackle this investigation because her job at Chuck E. Cheese is well past its expiration. She encourages the main character, Aza, who has a constant thought running through her head that she needs to be reminded that she is real, to help her on the hunt for the millionaire because she is a friend of his son, Davis. She knows Davis from “sad camp”, a place children go after a parent dies.  

As the story progresses you are able to get inside Aza’s spiral of thought that makes her who she is. These thought spirals give an ominous tone to the novel allowing the reader’s emotions to fluctuate. This book has a well thought out plot and is a fantastic description of teenage lives.


Sav’s Synopsis: This book is an amazing read for anyone who loves to be inside the book, and live in the character’s shoes. I highly recommend this book!