The 15:17 to Paris: Better told in book form than screen

Alexis Standley, Contributor

The movie The 15:17 to Paris directed by Clint Eastwood is a true story and the heroes on the train in the movie were the same people who saved the passengers in real life.  That casting may be the reason that the movie wasn’t as good as it could have been.

The movie is about three friends who grew up together in the same town.  Two of them were in the army where they received their military training. While on a  small trip through Europe,  on their way to Paris there was a terrorist attack. The three friends jump in and start to fight the heavily armed attacker. At their final destination medics and policemen were waiting to arrest the man who put fear into the passengers who may have died without these brave souls. 

In the movie, however, there is more talking than there is action. Better movies have more action and better books have more conversation. The story was made into a book by the three friends, Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone, with journalist Jeffrey E. Stern, but the movie version was uneventful in some people’s eyes.

 All of the action takes only five minutes of the movie. The action is divided into different parts of the movie, but it all seemed too repetitive. The story in general highlights the bravery that some people have to show and the story line is heart wrenching. The story itself looks better on paper than it does visually.