Fond memories

Angel Red

The other day something peculiar happened.
The other day I smiled a pure smile derived from elegance and beauty.
I was running home and a door opened.
A small boy only 4 and his sister younger ran out with glee.
Their dad followed quickly behind and all was bliss.
I thought to myself that these kids will hold this memory and never let it fall through their hands.
And I watched as the dad stared not a second to miss.
It reminded me of when I had a father and how I let so many grains of memory fall as though they were sand.
It brought tears to my eyes because of a moment’s purity.
I knew that man would never leave and the children stared up as though they stared at the stars.
In that moment I was taken back into clarity.
That cherishing the simple things will always be better than letting these bad memories hold us back like prison bars.
I wish I could borrow just a drop of their emotion
So that in turn I could go back and apologize, put the past behind and make right.
But my brain will never let me among the commotion.
And I will yet again be swallowed and engulfed by the feelings I have endured while making it back to the light.