These words

Angel Red

These words were written to be yelled
They are to be screamed from the bottom of one’s lungs
And the top of the rooftops
Along the 88th floor for the world to hear, these words
These words were put on this paper to be shouted across your tongue
And to never be thrown down to a whisper
These words are made this way to be powerful not only on their own
But also with the power of screaming it in your chest
These words
Were the opposite of the ones we silently whispered through our eyes
These words are the opposite of the ones I murmured in your ear while you lay across my chest
These words will be the opposite of the ones I tell to my children when I am teaching them how to love, the way my parents never showed me how
These words shall be the mirror image of the ones I use when I kiss my mom on the cheek goodbye one final time
But when these words are shouted from my mouth
They will linger in the air much like their counterparts with the opposite goal in mind
These words I hope I never speak again
Words that trap us until we may both find peace