Seniors ponder college choices


Senior Alexus Lombera. Photo by Sarah Rodriguez.

Sarah Rodriguez

It is that time of year on campus when there is talk of college acceptance letters. It is a time full of anticipation and anxiety for seniors who desperately want to go to their dream schools. They have waited four years for this nerve-wrecking moment that they have worked tirelessly for, four years composed of ups and downs. Whether it be the joy of attending prom or the stress of the SATs, high school has certainly shaped these young adults who are  going off to create promising lives for themselves and perhaps bring La Serna honors.

One bright Lancer, Alexus Lombera (right), has recently been accepted to her dream college, Colorado State University.  She hopes to pursue her passion for animals since this university has the third best veterinarian school in the country. She is also drawn to this college because of its small community, the nature-filled environment, and the fact that is out of the State of California. While attending college out of state is scary for her, she said she wants to get out of her comfort zone. She said she is sad to leave the restaurant Norms, and her loved ones here, but she knows she will make them proud.

Another dedicated student who is receiving acceptance letters is Vanessa Gonzalez (below). She was recently accepted to both Boston University and UCLA and currently is leaning more towards UCLA. She is drawn to the fact that UCLA focuses on research and has exceptional labs since she is particularly interested in neuroscience. Gonzalez knows that whichever college she decides to attend, she will miss her older sister, whom she considers to be her best friend, as well as her two cats that provide her comfort especially in times of stress. What excites her most about college is the fact that she will start to become independent. If she were to give words of wisdom it would be, “All your hard work pays off in the end.”

Of course, these two studious seniors would not be where they were today of if they had not gratefully received the help of La Serna and some of its wonderful educators. When asked if there was any special teacher that the girls wanted to acknowledge for making an impact on their high school career, Lombera said, “Mr. Rooks was the funniest teacher I’ve ever had and he made the classroom environment very fun.” Gonzalez commented, “Ms. Agnew was the best teacher I ever had and made me really excited about history. She deserves a TED Talk.”

Senior Vanessa Gonzalez. Photo by Alexis Rodriguez.