Jaylene Ramirez to lead 2018-2019 ASB Cabinet


Ava Kornblum, Contibutor

The La Serna Lancers recently selected a new ASB president for the 2018-2019 school year beginning in August. With new backpacks and pencils comes a new ASB cabinet. Each member plans on making the high school experience a memorable one, especially ASB President Jaylene Ramirez.

In an interview she discusses her hopes and plans for the upcoming year.

What are your plans for next year’s ASB?

“We had a really good ASB this year, so my goal for next year’s ASB is to fix any flaws this year’s ASB had, so that we can have an even better year next year.”

How do you plan on doing that?

“I think it’s all a matter of organization and time management. We would go crazy sometimes because things were so last minute, so I think we just have to really stay focused. Overall though, we have this weird family bond in ASB that makes it all worthwhile, so if we can have that same connection next year, we’ll have a great year!”

Are there any school aspects that you want to change?

“I would want the students to come together more, and just be united.”

What do you think of the new ASB members?

“I’m really excited to work with the new ASB, and see what they have to offer! They have so much potential and they seem eager to be involved.”

What will you do for the school to make your time as ASB president a memorable one?

“I’m going to try to make sure that all events that we have go smoothly so everyone can enjoy them and I mean I have a couple surprises up my sleeve too.”