Why is Fortnite so addicting? La Serna students weigh in


Anaisabel Chavez, Contributor

Chances are that if you’re in high school you’ve probably heard of Fortnite. This video game has taken over just about every school in America; many onlookers are baffled by the game’s popularity and are questioning why everyone seems to be playing it. The concept of Fortnite is quite simple in broad terms; it’s a standard Battle Royale game in which the last person standing wins. So what exactly makes this game addicting?

Well, to begin with, the game is free and available on many platforms: the PS4, Xbox One, Mac, PC, and iOS. This allows for just about any person to pick up the game and play; and sure enough that’s what everyone has done. La Serna students are not the exception here. The individual reasons for why LS students continue to play differ, but revolve around the same idea. La Serna junior Ethan Lendo says that he plays because, “It’s intense and difficult to get wins.”

Gamers have found that classic campaign style games can get too easy; Fortnite is restoring suspense through its Battle Royale multiplayer world. Andrew Alcala says he likes to play because, “It’s repetitive; you want to play more cause you want to get better so you can win more.” Again, the game’s difficulty tends to draw players in.

The suspense of being the last man standing invigorates those who play like Isabella Oyola. She said, “It really gets your adrenaline pumping. When you die you just want to play again and again.”

As a Fortnite player myself, I can certainly vouch for these LS students and say that the game is in fact challenging and that it’s difficulty is one of the main reasons most of us play.

A more underlying factor behind the game’s success is its setting and art style. The creators behind Fortnite set the game apart from other Battle Royale games by designing it with less realistic and more cartoon style visuals. La Serna student Gisele Rosales says she really enjoys playing because of the game’s “scenery and style.” It seems that a game’s worth is not only based on game-play but that the aesthetic of it matters as well.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Battle Royale game is the ability to play online with friends. In duo and squad mode, players can team up with their pals to get the win and this makes the game all the more exciting. When interviewing LS students, I have found that a lot of people continue to play Fortnite because they can play and talk with their friends throughout the game. When I asked La Serna senior Ryan Bliss why he likes to play he answered, “I get to listen to all my friends yell at each other.” Many students love the game because they can play with their friends even if their friends are not in the same house as them; something that anyone who enjoys their friends’ company can appreciate.

Whether you’re a Lancer who likes to challenge yourself or one who likes cartoonish aesthetics or even if you just like to have a good time with friends, Fortnite has something for everyone and I highly recommend it. If you’re a Lancer who has tried it and is addicted to it, then to you I say, play on! Let’s see what the folks behind Fortnite have in store for us and let’s see if its immense popularity continues to grow.