Glitching the Game with novel Warcross

Glitching the Game with novel Warcross

Savanna Piette, Reviews and News Editor

The novel Warcross, by Marie Lu, takes you on an adventure through the futuristic world of Tokyo. Lu uses this book to convey the effect technology will have on future life. She is able to allow the characters to control an artificial life inside of a prestigious video game. The ideas presented in the novel are intense and powerful.  Lu has taken the future and put it to life in her novel filled with action, teamwork, plot twists, forbidden love, and a virtual reality video game.

Warcross is a tale of a young criminal, Emika Chen, who was accidentally exposed to the government and has been hired to assist them in their hunt for the criminal who is hacking the Warcross games. They have chosen her because of her advanced skills with the relevant technology. In order to get on the inside of the investigation, the maker of the game, Hideo Tanaka, decides to place Emika into the center of the action. She is placed onto a champion Warcross team to compete throughout the live games. She builds a friendship with her team and finds secret love. Emika faces challenges as she hunts down the criminal, Zero, who threatens her new relationships and the safety of the entire population.

As Emika’s character progresses, the reader is able to see her blossom from an independent criminal to a part of a team. This futuristic novel is playful and full of action. Marie Lu sucks you into the book and does not let you free!

This novel will be accompanied with a second book launching September 18, 2018, titled Wilcard.


Sav’s synopsis: This novel was a wild ride. The plot twists are intense, the action is so easily followed, and it is just all around amazing. The futuristic gaming world is incredibly detailed and sucks you inside. The love story is beautifully portrayed and thought out, but does not distract from any of the action. The progression of the characters is perfect and fun to read. WARNING: this novel has the biggest and most abrupt cliffhanger I have ever read. Thank golly goodness book two is coming. I recommend this book to any science fiction fan who loves action and desires a touch of romance.