Black Panther fantasy takes the world by storm

Black Panther fantasy takes the world by storm

Destiny Vera, Contributor

Marvel Studios released Black Panther on February, 16, 2018. The PG-13 fantasy/science fiction film is two hours and 15 minutes long and has taken the world by storm.

So far the movie  has broken the record for the biggest February opening weekend, biggest long holiday opening weekend, biggest domestic opening for a black director, fifth biggest Friday to Sunday opening weekend of all time, and most tweeted about film.

The plot is based on the Black Panther comics from Marvel Studios. The story is about  a prince of the African nation of Wakanda who has the secret identity of Black Panther. After the death of his father, the prince T’Challa has to return home to take his place as rightful king. When he becomes king, he is drawn into a conflict with powerful enemies, that if goes wrong can put the nation of Wakanda and the world in danger.

To defeat his enemies and ensure the safe of people, the king gathers all his allies and releases the full power of the Black Panther. Many people have given Black Panther the title of “The greatest movie ever in black history” because it shows that people of any color can be considered a hero.

This movie is one of my favorite movies because I have been reading Black Panther comics ever since I could remember and to see everything come to life in a movie was an amazing experience for me. Black Panther has taken the world by storm and continues to entertain.