Pale Eyes

Angel Red, Poet

All Works out in the end

My friend said that to me on one summer’s eve

The words faded across my screen, her knowledge to lend

Ever since then it has remained in my memory, a small piece of me

When you are face to face with distraction and destruction

May you  stare into its pale blue eyes, piercing your soul for your livelihood

However you fail to see the directions, it points in for your better instruction

You fail to see the imminent pain you will endure if you refuse to move from where you stand

The rocks will fall from the cliffs and the pale eyes will push you to drift

However all you will see from the hostility is the dust and the situations irreversibility

You will stumble and cough from the fragments, but you will see the hand of guidance point

And you will limp upon the path gleefully

For your body shall heal, time will pass, and the falters shall become a checkpoint

And in time you will realize that those light blue eyes

Meant more than an obstacle

But a helping hand helping you past the dangerous tides

And to a life that is much more bountiful