Ten Years of Marvel Cinema Come Together in Avengers: Infinity War

Jade Gamez, Contributor

This is the moment all Marvel fans have been waiting for. A culmination of ten years worth of films, Avengers Infinity War is a groundbreaking cinematic experience that takes the audience through an emotional and thrilling roller coaster.

After years of getting to know our favorite heroes, it’s finally time to get to know the Biggest Bad we have seen in theĀ  history of Marvel films, Thanos, and despite having over a dozen heroes on one side to battle the infamous being, Thanos remained a formidable force until the moment the credits rolled. The Russo Brothers did an exceptional job at creating such an ultra-powerful character that doesn’t feel in any way like a flat or one-dimensional villain; I was completely engrossed in his presence whenever he came on screen.

Anthony and Joseph Russo truly wielded a gauntlet of their own when directing the film that drove the audience through an array of emotions throughout two and a half hours. They were able to transition the audience from laughing out loud to drowning in tears to clapping in excitement when a fan favorite character had an incredibly heroic scene. I myself couldn’t help but scream and clap along with everyone else in the theater because, after ten years of growing up with these films, it was truly a long awaited experience that didn’t disappoint. The comedy was incredibly relieving in the face of such high stakes and the most intense scenes kept everyone at the edge of their seats. Screen time was distributed fairly among most of our core heroes and every character was given a chance to shine, although some shined brighter than others. Thor, Iron Man, Spider Man, and The Guardians of the Galaxy were the most valuable players of the film in my eyes as their characters interacted with the most chemistry and teamwork. A trio of some of the lovely ladies of Marvel, Okoye, Black Widow and Wanda, also had me pumping my fist in exhilaration as the three fiercely fought off Thanos’ savage Outriders in the battle at Wakanda.

I have been a Marvel fan for years, never ceasing to watch the films in the cinema, but for those who are unfamiliar with the universe, Avengers Infinity War, despite being a fun film, might confuse and seem incredibly long and overwhelming. This movie is not meant to be seen as a standalone. To anyone asking about why this film seems to lack backstory, Marvel has provided ten years worth of films for you to watch that leads up to it. That’s the backstory. The ending of this film has also rattled viewers as it is not the happy ending we all expect from a superhero movie. Many of our beloved heroes died. And the bad guy one. But, this is the type of ending that makes the audience feel something. Taking creative risks like that is what storytelling is all about, the hero can’t win every time. They need to fall, pick up themselves up, learn and fight again. After all, it is only obvious that Avengers 4 will be a continuation of Infinity War, so we’ll all just have to wait and theorize as to how our heroes will win this war until 2019.