Teachers like dogs, too! (Who knew?)

Sarah Rodriguez

Maya, Boxer/Poodle mix

Teachers are not so different from you or I. This may not be apparent from what we know of them in a classroom environment, but you may be surprised to find that they can be very similar to their students and find joy in the same things. None can deny that dogs provide joy to anyone they encounter. As a matter of fact, several of La Serna’s teachers are dog enthusiasts. Three of these teachers are Mrs. DeSimone, Mrs. Colin, and Mr. Canales.


How many dogs do you have?

DeSimone: One

Colin: Two

Canales: One

What are their names?

DeSimone: Maya.

Colin: Higgins and Penelope

Canales: His name is Cooper

What kind of dogs are they?

DeSimone: A  Boxer Poodle mix

Colin: Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Canales: A Golden Retriever

When did you get your dog?

DeSimone: One year ago.

Colin: I got Higgins almost five years ago and I got Penelope last December.

Canales: I got him when he was five weeks old. He is seven months old now.

What is your favorite activity with your dog(s)?

DeSimone: I love to throw things and have Maya fetch them for me.

Colin: I like to take them to Downtown Brea and walk them.

Canales: Rough house, for sure. He likes to play tug-of-war and jump on me. It tires him out and a tired dog is a good dog.

Any “pet” peeves?

DeSimone: She makes a mess of my house when she brings in things from the backyard. She recently brought in a dead lizard through her doggy door.

Colin: Corgis can be very stubborn like me so we butt heads.

Canales: Yeah, pretty much everything. When my wife and I are not home he will go on the counter and get anything that is there. While I was at work, he ate a whole bag of cookies I was really excited to eat. He also ate a Dodger World Series hat. He brings in plants, too. Last summer he tore up my whole garden of succulents.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

DeSimone: How smart she is and how loving she is.

Colin: They like to cuddle with me and they like to herd me.

Canales: He is always excited to see me, even when my wife isn’t.

Any further comments about your dog?

DeSimone: Maya is the first dog I’ve ever had. I’ve always been a cat person and I never thought that I would be a  dog lover in my life. Now I understand dog people more and have to admit “Dogs Rule!” Sorry, cats. 

Colin: They have given me so much joy and they show me the wonders of God’s greatest creatures.

Canales: He has taught me patience most of all.

English teacher and coach Andrew Canales and his wife own a Golden Retriever named Cooper.
Social Studies teacher Lori Colin has two Welsh Corgis named Higgins and Penelope.
Cooper dressed to impress
Penelope poses for a picture at home with teacher Lori Colin.