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Andrew Lincoln Departing from The Walking Dead

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Andrew Lincoln Departing from The Walking Dead

Jade Gamez, Contributor

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For the past five years, I have been incredibly invested in the hit zombie drama, The Walking Dead, and what’s kept me hooked on the show for all this time are the spellbinding original characters and the lengths they are willing to go to survive and protect one another. Now, the thing about The Walking Dead is it never ceases to kill off major beloved characters each season, making it the most emotionally draining series I have ever watched. But, up to this point I have been able to stay invested in the show despite losing several core characters who were what made the show so great.

But now everything is about to change with Andrew Lincoln, the show’s leading man since day one, set to persevere through the apocalypse for just one more season before leaving the show. Lincoln’s portrayal of Rick Grimes has made his character one for books, as I and millions of other fans have relished following the virtuous leader’s arc for the past eight seasons.  It is hard to imagine the show without Lincoln at the center as he has been the foundation of the series. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon (a fan favorite) has reportedly been negotiating a $20 million dollar deal to take over as the lead of the show.

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Jade Gamez, Contributer

Jade Gamez is a junior at La Serna High School who has an everlasting love for film and television. She aspires to work in the magical world of movie making...

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Andrew Lincoln Departing from The Walking Dead