Graduation Tickets Become Scarce Commodity for Class of 2018

Casey Rojas, Contributor

The 2018 Commencement Ceremony for La Serna is Wednesday, June 6, at Cal High School Stadium, and tickets for graduates’ families appear to be in higher demand this year, as the class of 2018 is larger than in previous years. The stands at Cal High are able to accommodate 7,000 individuals.

Each senior is given five free tickets with the option to buy four additional tickets at $8.00 each. Those additional tickets are available for sale after the senior breakfast on June 5.

Some seniors need more than the nine¬† allotted tickets, and students have been discussing giving or selling their extra tickets to fellow classmates to help alleviate the shortage. According to Business and Activities Secretary Trish Garcia, selling unneeded tickets is allowed. “I think if [the students] are not going to use their tickets, it’s not a problem to sell to others who need them,” Ms. Garcia said.

However, because there is a limit to tickets, the school has also taken action against the possible counterfeiting of tickets. This year the school has put a watermark on the tickets to prevent counterfeiting and to keep admittance to the graduation event limited to legitimate ticket holders. Ms. Garcia added that admission tickets will not be given out to the graduates until after graduation practice on June 4, another way to prevent duplication.