To Freshmen: Advice From Upperclassmen

Kathryn Salazar, Contributor

Decked out in “kingdom krazy” attire, La Serna 2018-2019 ASB cabinet members welcome  Lancers back on the first Friday of the school year. (via: lshsASB)

Entering high school seems like a scary thing. As a freshman, there are many things I wish I knew that could have made my first year easier, such as, don’t be afraid to make new friends! My closest friends that I have now I didn’t know before freshman year. Here is advice from students who have definitely been through what  you’re going through now.

  1. Get involved in extracurriculars
    Get involved in as much as possible with every type of school event or club. If you’re scared none of your friends are doing it with you, the sooner you don’t care and be independent while having your own fun, the happier you’ll be.
    Viviana Garcia (senior)
  2. Stay focused
    Always stay focused on school work. There are going to be times where all they want to do is fool around but just stay focused. I wish I knew that when I was a freshman.
    Janine Salgado (senior)
  3. Don’t try to be the big boy on campus
    Short and simple.
    Tommy Streeter (senior)
  4. Think positive
    Don’t think “I don’t know,” think “what can I learn,” and don’t be afraid to apply yourself!
    Alyssa Wilson (junior)
  5. Don’t run to your classes
    Don’t run to your classes, even if you’re late, don’t run, it’s not worth it. That’s the advice my sister gave me. Why, you may ask? Wel,l because you’ll just seem foolish and probably hit about ten  people on your way.
    Jenah Ridgill (senior)
  6. Pursue your passion
    I would say to join an extracurricular that they are passionate about and that is reflective of the major they want to pursue when they get to college. Always I would say that schools want to see a balance between strong academics and great extracurriculars! Also, utilize your summer and show the college your commitment to a certain passion.
    Luke Redden (senior)
  7. Time management
    Make sure you have time management and balance between school work and fun.
    Luke Garcia (senior)
  8. Enjoy it while it lasts
    Enjoy high school while being mature and being yourself; there’s only four years left with these people, memories, and responsibilities whether you enjoy it or not.
    Ever Rodriguez (senior)
  9. Go to as many things as you can
    The football games, night rallies, homecoming- it’s all worth it. You don’t want to regret not going to anything once you’re almost out of here.
    Jenn Krapf (junior)
  10. Actually participate
    I know it may feel weird and you might be nervous to participate but actually engaging in stuff like cheers at the assemblies, football games, and even that link crew talent show is way more fun then just going through the motions awkwardly. Once you let yourself have fun it gets way better.
    Sarah Rodriguez (senior)

This list is simply ten pieces of advice you may choose to take to heart. Yes, there are going to be things you discover to be true and false about high school, but the best piece of advice you may hear is that overall your next four years at La Serna is what you make of it. Along  with other students and staff,  I  wish you all the best of luck to succeed on campus.