A Poem from Within

Alexis Standley, Contributor

The Riddance Casket

I will put in the casket

the timeline project given in World Civ. that reminded me of my hateful past

my unfaithful stepfather who broke my mom

my birth father that just couldn’t stick around

pain and suffering

wealthy, guilty people who can get away with anything

innocent people going to jail


I will put in the casket

poverty that consistently overcomes poor countries

racism against anyone

bullies with abusive homes

abusive homes

traumatizing and graphic events that people continuously experience

ebola, cancer, tuberculosis and other serial killer diseases


I will put in the casket

country music that floods my small house

judgemental comments and faces from my cousins

clothes that my mom buys me but are too small and I’m too old for

people who think I read because I’m better than them

indecent girls who show too much for their age (or any age)

1492-1964 (segregation in America)


My casket will be the size of an ant but could hold 50 blue whales (maybe more)

It will be made of titanium and can hold more than it weighs

The inside will be outlined in cotton and lit on an eternal fire so that the contaminants will not be misplaced but demolished


I will pour alcohol on the casket,

drop it in a quarry that reaches the center of the earth,

bury it in flammable hairspray so that no life or death form may be able to reach and reveal the horrors that live within this