Locked In: An Alternative Safety Plan Needed

Natalie Sanchez, Columnist

Picture being in this situation:  The ear-splitting sounds of gunshots and the deafening screams of students and staff. All around you, you see people trying to stay hidden, but they will soon be found because of their dispirited cries, groans, and obvious hiding places. You try to look for an easy escape, but there isn’t any. You’re locked in the middle of a  school campus The only way out is a gate at the front of the school, where it will be practically impossible to get out.

There has been many shootings in the United States, the place where we live, the place where we are supposed to find justice and the place we are supposed to feel safe.  The recent Parkland, Florida, shooting, which resulted in the deaths of  17 people, is just one example of these tragic mass shootings. A survivor of the Parkland massacre said, “To let these victim’s lives be taken without any change in return is an act of treason to our great country.” Across the globe, school administrators know about these horrific acts that have taken place in various schools, but they have not really acted upon these atrocious acts until recently.

It is necessary for schools to take action, but locking all of the gates in campus is not a good idea. In truth, it’s quite dangerous. School officials believe that locking all of the gates will keep us safe, but it’s doing precisely the opposite. It’s locking everyone in, where peril could occur. A school shooter is most likely going to be a student or possibly even a staff member that attends or works in campus. In this way, the shooter will smoothly get past the front gate, simply by showing their ID and without anyone knowing that there’s deadly ammunition and a firearm hidden in his or her bag. No person will suspect it, until the shooting begins. And if or when it does, students need to be able to run and exit the campus through available gates. 

La Serna High School needs to change the locked-gate policy or at least find another way that could keep us safe, because being locked in during a school shooting isn’t going to make everybody safe.