Seniors Have a Sensational Summer

Sarah Rodriguez, Contributor

For Lancers, summer is over and school is back. What did La Serna seniors do to make the most of their summer? A survey of students show a variety of trips, events, and activities.

Dana Chin: “I went to a Niall Horan concert and sat in the third row from the stage!”

Haley Chatel: “I got shot in the face with a firework, petted a total of 16 dogs, ate dinner at 2 A.M, slept at 4 A.M., would wake up at 2 P.M., spent a night at the beach, tripped over a small child at the mall, almost hit a horse while driving, and spent time with my friends.”

Dylan Cano: “I studied French abroad in Paris.”

Nathan Ra: “I spent time exploring with my girlfriend doing random things like cooking. I spent time with friends, too, skating. I also visited Korea and Tokyo for three weeks. While I was there, I experienced different cultures with different foods, social interactions, and styles. I will never forget this summer.”

Samantha Rodarte: “I went to Disneyland and I went laser tagging.”

Matthew Montero: “I went waterboarding at Long Beach.”

Deja Nguien: “I went to Santa Monica Pier for the first time, celebrated my birthday, and went to Disneyland and California Adventure.”

Colin McKenzie: “I went to England to visit my dad’s family.”

John Jackson: “I went to Louisiana and saw some gators. I also celebrated my birthday with my friends and went to the beach. I took art over the summer. I went camping too.”

Warren Prescott: “I went backpacking for three days in the high Sierras.”Johanna Ortuno: “I went to Ecuador and I was in a 10-day marine program.”

Lauryn Lin: “I visited La Sagrada Familia (a large Roman Catholic Church) in Barcelona. There was gelato at every corner in Spain; I loved it.”