Sierra Burgess is a Loser–Really!

Destiny Vera, Contributor

Netflix recently released its new original series called “Sierra Burgess is a loser.” The romantic comedy focuses on a teen girl who is considered a loser but who finds love with a popular football player due to a case of mistaken identity and catfishing.

Many people are interested and fascinated by the movie because it is different from other romantic comedies. Most Rom Com movies place the cheerleader and the football player together. In the movie, the foot ball player is placed with the unpopular girl who is a member of the marching band.

She meets him online and texts and calls him everyday, and they talk for hours. He realizes that he is in love with her and wants to meet him. She tells her friend to pretend to be her because she doesn`t want him to know he is being catfished.

In my opinion, this film is overrated. Before airing, many people were making a big deal out of it and were excited, including me. After I watched it, I felt that it was boring and took too long to get to the interesting part. (Also I am not that into romantic comedies.)