Peppermint Review

Alexis Standley, Contributor

This R rated movie is about a woman (Jennifer Garner) who’s family was killed by the cartel. Throughout the movie she gets revenge for her recently deceased  husband and daughter. This angry mother cleared a path for the police to the center of the drug dealing and producing opporation yet still almost went to prison for her murderous crimes.
This movie shows the determination that Riley(the mother) had to avenge her family. She wanted everyone of the members of the cartel to realize what she was capable of and wanted them to understand that she was coming for them. Her longing for revenge overcomes her and the government is in denial and doesn’t know what to do with her. They don’t know if they should arrest her for murder or thank her for taking down an illegal opporation.
This movie was realistic when it comes to the reaction that a mother would have when she found that her family was killed by men that would soon forget her. Jennifer Garner displays the love that only a mother could show for her family. Garner brought her character to life with her dark, minimal sense of humor and her drive to getting what she believes she deserves, her revenge.