La Serna’s Enrollment Decreases

Casey Rojas, Contributor

In 2014, school enrollment reached an all-time high for La Serna High School, with lines jammed, hallways turned into sardine cans, and classes filled  with a student population edging three thousand. So in the past four years the Whittier Union High School District has had a goal of reducing the enrollment at La Serna to 2,500 students. As of September 24, the enrollment is at 2,533 students.

This decline in enrollment has brought about a few minor changes for the school. Principal Ann. Fitzgerald said, “We made deliberate plans so teachers jobs were never impacted. For example, when teachers retired we examined if we needed to replace the position based on student enrollment.”

With the enrollment decline, plans call for all of the R-building bungalows on the left side to be removed.   Two bungalows have already been taken away. Class size has reduced slightly, and the administration and teachers are hoping for an increase in student academic achievement.