Freshmen Firsts

Katie Gonzales, Contributor

Freshmen at La Serna have to grow accustomed to a new campus, new teachers, and a whole new environment. It’s been almost nine weeks since school started, and we finally seem to be getting used to the school.

These new students are enjoying their time at La Serna, but they all agree that it’s been nerve-wracking. Tlalli Urbano is one of these students. “Coming here, I’ve felt scared, but over time it’s gotten better,” she says. “But I’m excited because this is my future, and I want to work hard and make good memories.” She said  she’s interested in joining clubs and has already joined freshmen class counsel.

All freshmen have Link Crew Advisory, where after their 4th period, they go to another class for half an hour with a group of freshmen and five or six upperclassmen mentors. This class is supposed to help freshmen meet each other and get used to working with others, as the mentors have the students play games and competitions. But how much does Advisory really help freshmen?

“I don’t know how much Advisory helps,” says Erick Pelayo. “We don’t really do much, and it kind of seems like we mess around the whole period.”

I can see where he’s coming from. Personally, I don’t believe that Advisory helps very much, as most of the time we just sit around and do homework or have competitions with other classes. Although it may be fun, it’s not very useful.

Lynne Sayre thinks otherwise. “I think Advisory really helps,” she comments. “I know that because of it I’ve met new people and made friends, and I get homework done in that time.”

Freshmen have done their best to integrate themselves into the school body, and as we interact with others both our own age and older, we can maneuver through these next four years with the help of the people we meet.