Upcoming Events This Fall


Rose, Columnist

With Homecoming and an SAT last weekend, La Serna’s students must be exhausted, but the events have signaled the end of summer and the coming of a new season. Now that fall has began, many boutiques, coffee shops and department stores are stocking goods for autumn and Halloween. The school year is approaching its second quarter of the first semester, and students, especially seniors, are preparing to enroll in college, jobs, or the military. For the graduating class, it is time to think about the future, but for the underclassmen it is time to start showing school spirit, participate in games and enjoy the activities La Serna plans for its students this fall.

On Wednesday October 10th, students will show at 8 AM until 12:15 PM for a minimum day. Juniors and underclassmen will take the PSAT the entire time while seniors will attend in-school workshops and participate in a mob shot. There is no reason to stress about the PSAT because it is practice for the SAT but juniors will be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship based on their scores on this exam.

For seniors, college related events include weekly workshops La Serna has been hosting each Wednesday. A few specific workshops are the Cal State workshop on October 17 and a FAFSA workshop on December 15. There is also a senior college info night on October 11, following a senior assembly regarding graduation information and orders.

The 15th of October is a float day so there will not be classes for any students that day. Other holidays this autumn include veteran’s day (November 12) and Thanksgiving break (November 19-23). And finals will conclude the season from December 19-December 21.

All students should opt to participate in La Serna’s blood drive on October 23. The blood drive will be hosted in the small gym. While a decision to donate blood can be difficult to act on, doing so can save a life, so it is crucial for students to participate if they are eligible.

I wish all students luck in completing this first semester! Enjoy the school activities this fall, seasonal drinks and pastries, and the cooler weather approaching us as students and neighborhoods hold pumpkin patches, fall festivals and potlucks.