M.A.P. to Success

Natalie A. Sanchez, Columnist

Motivation. Ambition. Positivity. These are the three openers to success.

Everyone experiences troublesome moments in life which can lead a person to lose their hope and determination. If you ever realize your mind or conscious telling you to give up, that there is no point in any of it, do not listen. Be tough enough to overcome those thoughts and rise above with faith.

In my eyes, feeling like you are constantly losing or having bad luck means you haven’t reached the very bottom yet. Reaching the bottom could be a good thing because you could only go up from there. You could only grow stronger with each trying moments you take or each failure you face. Do not give up in what you wish to achieve; you would be robbing yourself of what could have been. You don’t want to grow up, thinking to yourself, “what if I just tried?” It is self-immolation not trying something because you are afraid of failure.

Just imagine going out of your comfort zone and attempting something that seems utterly impossible, and then actually accomplishing it? It’s a feeling everyone needs to feel. If you fail then you keep trying until you reach the above. If you are dealing with stress or nervousness at this moment, try to turn those detrimental feelings into excitement. Smile and pretend that you are excited and eventually it’ll feel like it.

To me, the feelings of stress or especially nervousness has similar senses as the feeling of excitement. It causes to harm to experiment this sentiment. Keep on trying for failure eventually reaches learning experiences and success.