Clubs in the Kingdom: Political Freedom Club


Kathryn Salazar, Contributor

Political Freedom Club is one of the more recent clubs introduced at La Serna. Founded last year, the club is a favorite among many members. President of the club, Gabriel Ramirez (senior), decided to take on the club for various reasons but, most importantly, he says, “There is a significant importance in being able to peacefully express and discuss your opinion on specific topics in a conversation rather than the way it is done in other clubs where it may feel hostile.”

The  goal of the Political Freedom Club is to offer an inclusive and respectful environment where people can have their opinion be heard no matter their political views or party association. When taking part in the meeting, I was able to experience that this goal is definitely being met. This was achieved through the way the meetings are directed. A selected topic will be brought up typically by cabinet member or a selected volunteer member and they will present their topic with background information. From there, the club will discuss their opinions, whether they agree or not on said topic.

The topic this particular week was the antagonistic nature of current social interaction, including media, and the issues that may arise out of it. While this may be a touchy topic involving politics, the group was able to discuss  without having a problem. What truly astounded me about this club was that even though there were many contrasting opinions, each speaker was  respected.

Although the club is thriving with activity, there is a concern about the future of Political Freedom Club at La Serna. “The entire club is mostly seniors, so unfortunately it seems unlikely that it will continue past this year if nothing is done about that. Hopefully more underclassmen will join to carry it on,” says Ramirez.

Ramirez said everyone is welcome able to join. Meetings are held every week on Tuesday in room C102 in Mrs. DeSimone’s classroom.