Quirky Urine Town Musical Delights

Joyce Lee, Contributor

La Serna High School drama teacher Mr. David Carter puts on two musicals every year, and this year’s first musical was URINE TOWN! I didn’t know what to expect because for all I know the play could have been about peeing, diaper training, or God knows what! I still decided to go because I though it would be nice to see the school musicals since it is my last year at La Serna. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed at their performance.

To be simple, the musical took place in a dystopian society where all the clean water in the world is running out. The musical starts with the narrator explaining everything about the town where the musical takes place. In this city people have to pay fees in-order to use the restroom. Private restrooms were reserved for the rich and everyone else had to use the public restrooms. This was done in order to regulate the amount of water that was being used. The main character fights his way to make using public restrooms free.

The musical was fun and entertaining. The music was upbeat and had a vibe that made you want to dance along. The set was nice, simple, and versatile. The story was a little ridiculous, but there was a “breaking the fourth wall aspect” that was actually very funny.

Despite how nice and fun the musical was I had two problems with the show. My first problem was with the ensemble’s costumes; they were wearing 80’s punk attire but the music was clearly 50’s swing. To be completely honest it really bothered me; it was so strange to hear 50’s swing but see 80’s punk. My second problem was with the outcome of the story. I understand the story took place in a dystopian world and happiness isn’t always the ending but, PERSONALLY I like happy endings. Anything short of a happy ending usually won’t get full marks from me. This didn’t bother me as much as the costumes, but if you don’t like unhappy endings don’t watch Urine Town.

I don’t want to end on an unhappy note, so I want to commend all the actors and actresses that took part in Urine Town. After watching the show I could only imagine how difficult it must have been to sing songs about public urination without breaking character or talking so seriously about the need to pee. For the most part the content was pretty ridiculous, but it was amazing to see how all the actors kept character. The acting was on point and the singing was amazing! The main character’s voices were actually phenomenal; I was so impressed at their vocal skills. The ensemble also did really well at the set changes, changing costumes, and keeping up with the story.

Overall, Urine Town colored me impressed. I think my $9 were very well spent.