Students Enjoy New Athletic Field

Isabella Vazquez, Contributor

The 2-18-19 school year brought a new athletic field to La Serna High School.  As of the summer of 2018, La Serna High School has been equipped with a new field on the upper level of the campus. The much anticipated project by La Serna athletes was set to be a 10 month plan to start in May of 2017  and end during the summer. It was paid with the 75 million dollar, Measure W bond, with the purpose of enhancing athletic facilities in WUHSD schools. This has benefited several sports at La Serna including football, soccer, track and field, softball, and  tennis.

The new track has stirred up excited conversation among athletes and coaches alike. La Serna track and Field sprints coach Adam Garduno stated, “I love that we finally have our own new facility! I have been waiting for this year since I was on the track team in high school. Sure, things can always be improved, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

Four-year athlete, Asa Vigil, was eager to express her opinion about the track that she had been waiting so long to be built. “I’m thankful we have a new track instead of the dirt one so we can grind no matter what the weather is.” Prior to the development of the athletic field and track, many students nicknamed it “the Africa track” to describe the barren landscape and dirt lanes.

While there has been cries of gratification, there are still several complaints concerning the outcome of the construction. For example, many students who have to perform their sports on the field would prefer synthetic grasses, instead of natural grass. Sports such as soccer must deal with the muddy field during times of heavy rainfall.

“The field is definitely an improvement from the previous years torn up grass, but it would have been better if turf was installed because it is hard to practice for soccer especially since our season is during the winter and constantly wet”, stated three-year athlete, Elizabeth Vazquez. In addition to this, several students wish that the field plans had included the input of field lights for athletes who wish to continue working out and practicing in the late afternoon.

However, this new addition to the school’s campus has been welcomed by the La Serna community with felicity for upcoming athletic seasons.