Angel Red , Poet

When panic lives inside your soul

And it dwells and never leaves

Burrows into your heart and makes it shake and tremble

Like unsteady hands on a river bank of despair

Waiting to pull you into the current of sorrow

And drown you in the depths of depressions

When panic sits upon your walls

And digs its eyes into the back of your skull

Providing you with the intensity of fear

When nothing makes sense

And the one track mind that drives you so hard

Runs you in circles around in search of a finish line across the world

When panic lies in your bed

And it’s the last thing you stare at when you shut your eyes

So that its smile grants you an unsettling ease

So that the shrill shrieks may be muffled in the air

Alongside the winds of disgust

For all to hear witness at your own failures

And the panic shakes the room with each step towards you

So that you may never run to escape the shakes it grants

(Two endings)

Let the panic come

Let it die

Let it breathe

Because panic is here to stay

So let it take a seat


And trembles it delivers cascades you deeper down


Pray that please

Please may it just be let down to die