Angel Red , Contributor

I’d definitely make a better astronaut than you

when the stars and the celestials of elegance

call my name along the Milky Way

galaxies overhead will call to me in unison

I know that when I explore the cosmos

With rush and roar of engines throttling propulsion at my back

she will be there to watch it

For when the heat of a quasar scorches my eyes

the beauty you hold will have forever been burned

into my skull so deeply

that I may have looked upon you once

and never forgotten the the coils of your hair

or the stars glimmering in your eyes

when I’m an astronaut

and the void of space so vast and dark

tries to dip its hands into my chest,

it will find it gone, for you have stolen it long ago

Because when I’m an astronaut

and I see the explosions of suns

It still shall not rival the energy

Of my heart to express my love for you.