Review: Mixed Emotions on Motown

Staff, Staff Writers

The memorable, magical Motown Experience surely lives up to its name. This past weekend marked the 18th annual La Serna Motown experience organized by Kazarte Song and Dance Director Lisa Kazakos. She started the program in 1999 to honor the memory of fallen law enforcement officers. This year, the program also helped to raise funds for the La Serna Football Program. It is amazing to see what she has made of the program over the years. The Motown tradition seems to grow with each coming year.

Motown is a great opportunity for students to become more involved in their school and meet new people while interpreting a magical age of music. It is also a fun way for seniors to end the last months of their high school career. The show includes songs from Marvin Gaye, Dianna Ross, the Supremes, and more, while also including the irresistible sounds of disco.

Despite the praise it received from families, staff, and students, however,  there were a few unsettling qualities about the show which failed to impress some viewers. On opening night, spectators noticed the repetitive use of seniors and alumni as the lead singers for multiple songs  and commented on the failure to include new faces on stage. Students in the event complained of the lack of organization and performer favoritism that could be sensed by the crowd. An example of this blatant bias could easily be found with the private dressing rooms available to only five seniors and the difference in quality in costumes. First timers had dresses full of safety pins, and desperately tried to make sure that the bag of a dress they were wearing  was not going to fall off on stage.

There was also an overwhelming amount of audience comments on the length of the show and the overall repetitiveness. On Friday night, the show started late and did not end until after 10:00 p.m., a total of four hours. This was a ridiculous amount of time to sit and watch the same students perform song after song. There were also several dances that could easily be cut out, because they are not even Motown songs, for example. the songs from the 80’s that had no relationship to the show.

Overall, though, the show earned continuous applause from the audience for the energy that students emitted from the stage. Performances seems to grow more energetic as the show went on, and the 70’s disco brought the whole show to a dynamic end.