A Senior Salutes: Goodbye, La Serna

Joyce Lee, Contributor

Goodbye, La Serna,

Hello my name is Joyce Lee and I am a senior at La Serna High School. This is my last year, journal, moment, and days left at La Serna.

I wanted to write this last journal, a lasting note, a thank you, and a critique, before I left this school.

I wanted to say thank you to La Serna for being an amazing school filled with the most wonderful teachers! So many of my teachers have made lasting impacts in my life and I hope to thank and name all of them right now!

Starting from freshman year: Mrs. Medina and Mr. Carter

Sophomore year: Ms. Herbert, Ms. Patel (AP Euro), Ms. Alexander, Mr. Abdula, and Ms. Gutierrez

Junior Year: Mr. Boshman, Ms. McGregor, Ms. Agnew, Ms. Williams, and Ms. DeSimone.

Senior Year: Ms.Colín, Mr. LaVigne, Ms. Tsuyuki, Ms. Khanna, and Ms. Ross

I am so grateful to all these amazing teachers for making my years here so much fun and worthwhile. I learned so many life lessons with these teachers and I hope many of you get to spend time with these teachers as well!

Now, as great of a school La Serna is, we need to work on some things, the first being the food. The food here is TERRIBLE! This school is trying to kill us with terrible food. I know we should be thankful. but how thankful should I be to get rotten apples and extremely stale cereal. I might be overly dramatic, but among the students this is a real issue.

The second issue I would like to point out is that the spirit cup is rigged. Every single year the seniors win, with the freshmen in second, and the juniors and sophomores, third or fourth. There is no point in trying for an unattainable prize.

My third and final problem is ASB’S/the school’s lack of attention. They only care about football. There is no attention or light on other sports, academics, speech and debate, or the arts! These are all important to a school, and these all affect the school’s reputation; however, ASB/La Serna spends so little time on these matters that our whole school is always focused on football. In other schools, these are just as important as football yet our school seems to be lagging behind from other better schools. When have we ever heard of speech and debate, tennis, art, Acadeca! NEVER! I strongly feel our school needs to also focus on these important areas in order to grow as a school.

Well, I digress. I honestly really love this school and I hope the best for the campus and all the students here.

Thank you La Serna for all your support and I hope a bright future for you!

Good luck all remaining students, and students yet to come.

Thank you for the memories and life lessons.


Joyce Lee

Class of 2019