Adventure Awaits

If only this small section of the world I have privileged to view

Is the only thing of which I see when I sleep my last

And my final breath escapes my chest

I shall not be satisfied

For the clear waters of rising tides shall remain hindered to feeble mind

And natural calls shall remain unheard by shallow ears

Connected only to shallow pool to call a mind

If wondrous things shall never be seen by curious eyes where is the point of life

To explore the vast expanses of earth and ocean

To view all that wish to offer

For if my sight were to leave the focus of my eye tonight

My heart will mourn the loss of a beloved friend

For day and night we take granted the beauty of each other

And all we hold dear

For if I lost the world to my view

Before I explore the depths of Neptune or expansions of Pele

Leave nymph and fairy to take me into the trees

So I may live again to be viewed

To grant wonder to similar admirers

And hopeful hearts with deeper pools