AP Test Prices Leave Students Shocked

Matthew Molina, Contributor

We all desire our hopes and dreams, from the ages when we played make believe to the young adults we have become. Many of us work hard in school and take the hardest of classes to do our best, but many of us just can’t afford the price of our future.

Students take Advanced Placement classes to help fuel their dreams in the future. However, students here at La Serna and around the country have the brilliance to take these rigorous courses but can not spare the price to take the AP test at the end of the year to receive college credit. The tests at the end of the year cost Whittier Union High School District students $74 per AP test, or $5 if students qualify for reduced lunch here at La Serna, but can cost up to $100 per exam in other areas. If the student misses the exam an additional $40 fee will be charged. These prices exceed a comfortable budget for the common household especially if many AP tests are being taken. People say not taking every AP class in high school is acceptable, but many students feel the need to challenge themselves by taking every rigorous class possible.

From personal experience, not being able to afford more AP tests because of its high upfront cost made me and probably many others feel that their future, their dreams, their goals will not be reached. These students are extraordinarily brilliant and talented; they just do not have the necessary funds to take advanced placement courses to support their future.