An Ecological Crisis with a Solution

Recycling bins at La Serna High School can make a huge difference


Mia Cardenas, Columnist

The Earth as we know it is changing at a rapid pace, and this change is unfortunately for the worst. We as a human race are discarding trash at an extremely alarming rate and all of the trash build-up is killing our dear planet. A sensible person would think that we should all be doing our best to prevent this from occurring. This, however, is simply not the case in most schools near by.

As I look around the La Serna campus I see quite literally hundreds of trash cans throughout the school but none for recycling. Everyday countless of recyclable items are thrown away in these trash cans and taken to a landfill. To my knowledge there is a recycling bin in the very back of our school where there are hardly any students to use it. So if nobody is using the recycling bin, what is the point of having it and more importantly why is it in that location? Our school should have at least one or two large recycling bins in major areas around the campus such as in the Quad, near the Big Gym, and the Library. It would be even better if there was also composting bins. We as students study so hard and do our very best to have as great of a life as we can accomplish, but with our Earth’s current condition, we are surely working towards a future with no promise.

The Environmental Activists Club of La Serna High School is currently working to get recycling bins for the school. But I am sure they would really appreciate the help of La Serna and the Whittier Union High School District in accomplishing this goal. The school should be doing more to educate students and staff about recycling and other ways of contributing to the healing of our planet. We have assemblies almost every quarter, but none of these assemblies have ever informed anyone of the benefits of recycling, composting, or simply caring about our planet.

Some people may ask, “What is the point?” They say that one person cannot possibly have an impact on the hole we have so deeply dug ourselves into. This is not the case. We have a chance to fix what we have broken. According to the website of Ranchtown Metal Recycling Center, one person recycling their paper for a year will save about 18 trees from being used for paper. The website also says that one person recycling can keep 1000 pounds of trash out of the landfill each year. We as Lancers have the power to make a change. We go to school to learn to become the future. Future doctors, teachers, performers, and people to inspire the future generations. But there is not future without our planet. With a small change, such as recycling bins, we can make a huge difference.