Volleyball Seniors have heart: Urteaga, Madrid, Anderson, Sifuentes, and Martinez will lead team

Alexis Madrid, Columnist

The La Serna Volleyball team consists of five seniors. We seem nothing but ordinary, at best we are mediocre. This is what it seems like at a glance; however, the Class of 2020 is like no other. We are so different, but we all contribute to our team in a special way to win.

Ricki Urteaga is a  First Team All League 2018 star. Ricki is very composed. As a senior she quickly realized this was her last season and she did not want it to go to waste. I have known Ricki since I was eight years old, and I have never seen her so emotionally involved in a game until yesterday when we played El Modena. She was screaming, cheering, and celebrating every point we earned. It was a close victory, but we won three games to two Seeing her break out in that way was stunning. 

Abigail Sifuentes is La Serna’s defense specialist. Abbey is one of the most lighthearted, funny people I know. Abbey has an amazing work ethic, she plays volleyball and runs track in the spring. Abbey gives one hundred percent effort in practice everyday. 

Jordyn Anderson is a senior libero. She is making a huge comeback from a troublesome 2018 season. I know how great Jordyn is because I have played club with her for the past two seasons; however, there is something about seeing her have fun and go all out in high school that is exhilarating. 

Juliebeth Martinez is senior captain and setter. Julie runs our offense swiftly everyday. An incredibly hard worker, she always makes sure her hitters are comfortable and takes matters into her own hands when we are having a difficult time scoring.

I’m Alexis Madrid, senior captain. This season I am trying to build on the great season I had last year. I learned a lot about leadership and family from the Class of 2019 and I try to implement that everyday. My eighteen teammates are my sisters. I love these girls as though they are my family and I do my best everyday to display that.

As a freshman, I did not think my graduating class was anything special; however, after playing with these girls for three-going-on-four years I realized that our emphasis on teamwork and our close bond makes us different from the rest because we truly love each other and have each others’ backs everyday. 

Senior teammates prepare for their game against Bishop Amat. Pictured: Ricki Urteaga, Alexis Madrid, Jordyn Anderson, Abigail Sifuentes, and Juliebeth Martinez.