Class Council of 2020 Prepares for Senior Year

Julia Neris, Columnist

After three years, the class of 2020 is finally here… senior year.

Senior year is the year of lasts: last first day of school, last homecoming, last football season, and the last time that you and all your classmates will ever be going to the same school again. But senior year is not all about the goodbyes… it is also about new beginnings.

During senior year, seniors start doing what they have always wanted to do, such as joining sports or clubs, participating in school spirit, making new friends, or taking a chance in harder classes. Many seniors see this year as a chance to explore themselves and their self-interest, academically and personally. I personally have tried many new things this year because it is my last year, such as taking four AP classes, joining the La Serna newspaper, and becoming a member of the Senior Class Council. 

Joining Senior Class Council was probably one of the best decisions I have made throughout my high school career. Class Council has become a huge part of my life and senior year experience. All the members have become like family and through the relationship that I have with them, I know that we will be making unforgettable memories. One of my close friends, Samantha Maldonado, said, “This has been my third year in Class Council and it has been by far the best year! The people are so great to work with and I feel like we’ve all became great leaders that will make a difference in our future.” 

As Senior Class Council we got to paint and decorate the Senior Circle, plan Senior Sunrise, and help set up for assemblies alongside ASB. I am so excited for what else Senior Class Council will bring me and all my friends. These memories will last a lifetime! Painting and decorating the Senior Circle was one of our first tasks as Senior Class Council and was an icebreaker for everyone who did not know each other. We got to share each of our ideas and express our creative side. All of us not only made the Senior Circle look amazing, but got messy with paint while doing it. Everyone was having a blast, even though we gave up a day of our summer, and could not wait for more work days ahead and the future of Class Council. By the end of the day, everyone became comfortable and started sharing ideas for our next project. We have grown a lot since that first day and continue growing into a small family of close friends. We have a busy and long year ahead of us, but with all of our creative minds and ideas we will make this year filled with wonderful memories. 

First Work Day for Senior Class Council – Painting the Senior Circle 

Our Senior Class President Juju Acosta has been alongside and leading the class of 2020 for four years. Juju is by far one of the most hard-working and caring people I know and makes my time at school and at Class Council wonderful moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. She said, “This is my last year being president and my Class Council is beyond amazing of what they do for every event; they always give me 100 percent when helping and makes my job easier. I am extremely excited for my senior year!” 

Juju Acosta and Julia Neris at STAG

Juju Acosta, ASB, and Senior Class Council are trying to make the seniors’ last year their best one. They hope it will be a year that will bring laughter, happiness, and memories.