Lancers Need More Shade and Seating

Kyla Ventura, Contributor

Every day students at La Serna strive to do their best on their difficult schoolwork. They stress about their GPA’s and work hard to raise their grades. As our graduation day draws closer, grades and resumes grow in importance. Students’ lives are already stressful and part of the stress should not be obtaining a spot to sit where they will be protected from the harsh sun.

If you wander the La Serna Campus during lunch you will notice numerous cherry-faced Lancers sitting at tables without shade or in the hallways without a seat. Though the predicament has improved from previous years due to the recently obtained umbrellas and canopies, shady seats are still in high demand. Students deserve more shade on campus. Not only is it uncomfortable to be under the hot sun, but it can be harmful to our  future health. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer and a change in the pigmentation of the skin. Though sunscreen would be a good solution, most Lancers do not want have to put sunscreen on to eat their lunch. La Serna needs a solution to this burning problem that is damaging  skin and making it hard for students to eat their lunch comfortably.