Open Letter to Awesome Teachers

Julianna Equihua, Contributor

Dear Awesome Teachers:
As a student I know we all pick and choose who are our favorites and who aren’t. I’m not sure if you’re aware which you would be but I would like to give praise to those who are awesome and help us learn the most while still being fun.

As a student who has had many different teachers throughout my life, I’ve realized that I like teachers who are open. We like to know about the lives of our teachers. We want to have a connection with them because it helps us become more comfortable around them. It helps us to ask questions and speak more often. We also like to get to know the people around us so we become even more comfortable with the class. I have had many teachers begin with a little bit about themselves, which is great but other than that we don’t hear about their personal lives. I find we get to know you better when you start a Monday with what we all did over the weekend. We also get to know you better if you give us personal examples for us to answer questions.

As students, we prefer teachers that are forgiving and gentle. We are aware that deadlines are strict and we can’t turn things in late, but we have other classes to worry about too. I’m sure all students have been in a situation where they are assigned three big projects that are all due around the same time. It’s difficult to get all of them done. Of course, we all like to procrastinate and wait until the night before but even if we plan ahead we struggle to write, create, and memorize three different big projects. To the teachers who extend deadlines and understand the struggle, thank you. We also appreciate the teachers who are always kind, even in difficult situations.

We also like teachers who are positive and helpful. I love when teachers recognize you are struggling and are open to help you in any way possible, even if we should already know the topic. When teachers show their support for us and our successes we feel accomplished. Some of us have difficult home lives and look for a positive figure in their lives at school, so it’s nice to have someone to look up to at school. We also like to be given advice on how to improve our sentences, our problem solving, and paragraph structure. We especially appreciate the positive comments on how amazing our paper is, how well we sentenced that paragraph, and how quickly we grasped a new concept.

Thank you for always being positive leaders in our lives.

Julianna Equihua