On Homework: An Open Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers,
It may be no surprise that I, like most students, despise homework. However, this hatred is born because of the way teachers assign it. The way they assign homework can have unintentional consequences on the student’s mental state. Students can’t escape it and can find themselves working through the weekend, which just deepens the hatred. This is why some teachers need to rethink the way they approach homework. I am okay with the concept of homework, but the current way some teachers assign it doesn’t allow the students to focus and complete some of their assignment.

Large assignments that bombard the student can cause them to stay up late, and induce massive stress. So, it is a relief if just one teacher gives no homework, or even just a little. When this happens it feels as if a huge weight is lifted off our shoulders. Also, teachers who allow students to do some of their homework in class are allowing the student to separate the load. For this to happen, some teachers need to utilize class time in the most effective ways. This not only allows time for the teacher to help others personally, but it also can give time for a student to start their homework. It doesn’t always take work intensive homework to make a student study.

Teachers must also remember that this is a student’s time away from school and after school they might have activities, further limiting their time to complete an assignment. Homework is a good way to have students study; however, the large stressful assignments, given just one day to do, can destroy a student. Teachers need to be aware that we have other classes and that if they could thin down the homework sometimes they would be helping the student a great deal. Doing this may also help your relationship with the students, but most importantly if some of the teachers worked on better time management in class they could help the student understand and release the homework load. Although some may have the strength of Atlas, we could use some understanding and better social contracts from teachers when it comes to assigning homework.

Christian Gonzalez