La Serna’s Dress Code Needs to Change

Dear La Serna High School Guidance Department,

My name is Sheridan Ammons and I am a Junior at La Serna High School. I am aware of the many rules and codes we have at this school. I have only one complaint about our rules, which is the dress code. I feel that the dress code is necessary because outside of high school, there is a standard of how you should dress whether it’s casual dress or professional. However, the rules and strictness of our current dress code, especially towards girls, should be modified.

Between girls and boys, girls have it much harder to obey dress code especially in hot weather. I don’t see how a shirt not having a strap or a shirt showing a small amount of your lower stomach or back is so alarming. Of course, sheer and extremely revealing clothing should not be allowed, just like discriminatory or gang related clothing shouldn’t be. When girls wear clothing that shows some of their skin, they aren’t seeking attention; they are most likely dressing for the weather. Just like if it was cold and rainy, they would put on a coat or sweatshirt.

Dress codes limit students’ ability to fully express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. Being able to express yourself is very important especially when you still can. It gives students confidence and makes them feel that they are in control of their bodies and their choices. School is a place for students to learn and get their education. How does a crop top have anything to do with learning? If the issue is that this type of clothing is distracting, there is a much bigger issue. I am sure that someone wearing a bright pink shirt that fully covers all their skin is much more distracting than someone wearing a shirt that shows an inch of skin. Respectfully, I would like the dress code to be modified so it is not so hard on girls and everyone is free to wear what they would like and feel most comfortable and confident in.

Sheridan Ammons