La Serna Athletes: Take a Lap with Aidan Arredondo

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

Aidan Arredondo (Senior)

Aidan Arredondo is a senior at La Serna High School. He has a kind soul and a big heart and big ambitions. He is one of La Serna’s top cross country runners, and he is taking his final laps for the Lancers this year.

Who is your hero?

“My hero is my amazing mother.”

What do you love most about La Serna?

“Spending time with my awesome friends.”

What is your favorite memory at La Serna?

“For me it would be breaking 4:30 in the mile.”

Who is your favorite music artist?

“Ariana Grande”

Who is your favorite athlete?

“My teammate, Gerald Baltzer. Just because I give him my upmost respect.”

What do you love most about your team?

“I love the determination, passion, and drive we have to achieve our goals together.”

What inspires you most?

“My family, friends, and God.”

Is there any advice you would like to give to anyone out there pursuing their dreams?

“Continue to pursue your dreams. It’s only a dream until you make it happen.”

What is one thing you would like for your classmates to know about yourself?

“I am optimistic person and hardcore video gamer.”