La Serna’s Fall Play, Antigone, Opens Tomorrow

Isa Ruacho, Contributor

La Serna theater students rehearse the play daily for their upcoming performance, Antigone.

Throughout the past week, posters have been put up all around the school campus promoting La Serna High School’s Fall Production of Antigone. 

Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles, an ancient Greek playwright. It tells the story of a young girl, Antigone, who is caught illegally burying her dead brother. The ruler of the kingdom, King Creon, announced it was illegal to bury him because he was a traitor to the nation. This is significant because in ancient Greek culture, it is believed that if a body is not buried, it cannot go to the afterlife. Antigone feels it is her duty to bury her brother regardless of the law, but once she is caught, she must face serious consequences.

Since it is a Greek tragedy, the play has a small amount of leads and is chorus based. This means there is an ensemble who narrates the story as it is acted out on stage. The main characters and actors in the production are named below:

Antigone- Katie Nye

King Creon- Ian Brennan

Ismene- Lola Meddock

Tiresias- Paulina Gomez

Haemon- Andrew Whittle

The director, theater teacher David Carter, made a few changes to the original play to make it unique. For example, instead of taking place in ancient Greece, the play is set in Mexico during the 1800’s. Music was also added to the production, thanks to composer, Edward Sywulka.

Tickets on sale now for $8 or $7 with an ASB card.

The performances will be held in the cafeteria November 19-22 at 7 p.m.