Tim Nguyen: La Serna’s resident superstudent


Isabel Carter, The Freelancer

Tim Nguyen prepares to enter his AP Biology classroom.

Isabel Carter, Managing Editor

Here at La Serna there is a student who has risen above the standard for excellence not just in his academic record, but also in his personal character. His name is Tim Nguyen. Nguyen has, from the start of his freshmen year, challenged himself both in school and extracurricular activities. Some of his academic achievements include being the top ranked in his class, getting an incredible score of 2390 on the SAT, founding the Math Club, being president of the California Scholarship Federation, and participating on La Serna’s Academic Decathlon Team. He was also a member of the La Serna varsity tennis team for three years.

Nguyen comes from a family of very intelligent people; his parents are both engineers. His sister, Thalia, was the valedictorian of her class in 2012 and is now a junior at UCLA. Even with all of their high achievements, Nguyen was never pressured by his family to do well in school. “They never needed to because I always wanted well for myself,” he said.

Nguyen has applied to some of the top colleges in the nation including the California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvey Mudd College, UCLA, and UC Berkeley in his plans to become a software engineer. Last summer, he took a Computer Science course at UCLA and he said that although he barely touched the surface of the subject, he found it very interesting and he looks forward to studying the subject in college.

Although academics are a very important part of his life, he also finds time to make videos and write stories. Last Christmas, he wrote and directed a video with his family called “The Christmas Avengers” featuring “Saint Nick Fury.” He has also been known to create videos for class projects. Last year, Nguyen created a video for his AP U.S. History class in which a gummy bear acted out some events of American history.

Nguyen, like any other human being, has his list of favorites. When asked about his favorite color, he said blue because, “It is the color of the sky and I like to think of myself as a dragon who can fly through the sky.” His favorite hobby is walking around, which may be where he comes up with all the ideas for his videos. His favorite number is Pi (3.14) which is also the date of his and Albert Einstein’s birthdays. He loves all fruit, but most especially mangos, which he says he eats all the time. Nguyen also has an irrational fear of public bathrooms, so you will never find him in one of La Serna’s.