Campus-wide WiFi would distract students


Thomas Bailleul, The Freelancer

La Serna students (from left) Fabien Fletes, Jason Small, Christian Condarco, Brandon Meyers, and Albert Garcia browse the web on their cell phones during lunchtime.

Thomas Bailleul, Staff Writer

Should students be allowed access to WiFi at school? Many students claim that having internet access would allow then to conduct studious tasks such as checking grades and emails. However, the reality is that while many students may use the internet responsibly, many also abuse it.

As it is, some students use their cell phones to access social media websites such as Twitter during class time. If there was WiFi flowing through the school, many more would possibly be tempted to distract themselves. Although it would be nice for students without mobile data to have secure internet access, students are not suffering without it.

“I don’t see any compelling reason why students need WiFi,” English teacher Eric Twisselmann said.

Students are free to use the computers in the library for work which requires it, they can even print if necessary. Also, students are not allowed to be using cell phones during class hours. Is it really worth it to install routers around campus for students to have access only during nutrition, lunch time, and after school? WiFi for the student body would be convenient, but the school may be doing a disservice to the campus if it were to connect it more to the web.