Students take active measures to ensure safety around busy campus

Ashley Lord, Staff Writer

Before and after school, there are many students, parents, and teachers around the La Serna High School campus. Safety is one of the most important things to remember and isn’t always on everybody’s mind. Students are thinking about homework, friends, and other activities, while adults fill their heads with thoughts about errands, work, and kids.

Junior Alyssa Alva crosses a busy street on her way to school.
Ashley Lord, The Freelancer
Junior Alyssa Alva crosses a busy street on her way to school.

With so many people crowded in a relatively small area, it is always good to pay attention. Social Science teacher Kari Ala said, “I definitely pay attention to how close students are to my car and to the fact if the kids are paying attention.”

Students who walk to and from school say they have ways to stay safe while walking around outside the La Serna campus. “I look both ways before crossing the street,” sophomore Elizabeth Martinez said.

Looking both ways before crossing the street is not the only way to stay safe. Another safety precaution students should take is to be careful who they talk to. “I keep my phone on me at all times,” said junior Anna Springer. Keeping a cell phone accessible is a good idea in case of an emergency or encountering a strange person. Students and adults alike should make sure they are aware of their surroundings and who they talk to in order to ensure the prevention of accidents or issues.